Sensor recommendations

For general purpose scanning we recommend the Intel RealSense D415. It offers a good balance between the quality and the resolution of the depth and color images. In a multi-sensor setup there is no interference between the cameras which also makes it well suited for RecFusion Pro.

Orbbec Astra Mini S is another good choice, which however is good only for a single-sensor scanning due to the interference between different cameras.

In case of small object scanning, our recommendation is the Intel RealSense SR300/SR305. It provides depth measurements in as close as 30 cm to the camera, and is therefore good for capturing small details. Please be aware that it does have problems capturing very dark objects.

When the texture resolution is the priority, the best option would be the Kinect Azure, since it has 4K color image resolution.

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First it’s great your product works with restrictions so I’ve been able to test sensors.
I’m a hobbyist so I’m probably not your target customer but I was very disappointed in the Intel RealSense SR305 as it can’t see black and a lot of items have black surfaces. I was also disappointed in the images I created from it.
If I bought a Kinect Azure would it be capable of scanning items the size of a coffee cup do you have any sample mesh files?
I’m going to say the elephant in the room, would Photogrammetry give better results at a time processing cost?

Hello David.

We would not recommend Kinect for such small objects as a coffee cup. In general, all the sensors that we support, should ideally be used to scan objects of 15-20cm and larger. Smaller objects would end up with a poor quality.

Regarding the photogrammetry: it’s a completely different solution, so it’s not really comparible to ours. Photogrammetry would require from you to take many pictures of the object from different angles, also the object would need to be texture-rich. On the other hand, our solution doesn’t need any texture, it only needs variation in geometry, and it allows you to do a quick free-hand scan.

Hope this somewhat answers your questions.

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Hi Olga,
I really appreciate your messages.
I was hoping to get a reasonably price sensor for scanning small objects but it seems like the interest is more in scanning larger objects.
Your software seem good and if I could find a sensor to I would use it!
Thanks for putting up with me and answering my questions.
David Tovee


Let me please ask about Intel realsense l515. I have chosen this, because as it is more expensive and I thought It would be better.

At the end I want to measure a volume of a pallet in a rotationary platform (bigger than 1.5 m) . I came to your software since I think you provide a good SDK for a reasonable price, and after seeing the good accuracy you get when scanning the human being with the 3xd415. I need to connect my application with your SDK to get the model (or get the volume) without human intervention.

Let me ask some questions?
-Does the current SDK supports the realsense 515 and multidevice. If not, when will be supported?
-Is the realsense 515 better choice than the d415?

Thank you very much for your help.


from our experience we found that D415 has a smoother depth data than L515 on closer distances. L515 seems to give better measurements than D415 only at distances >2-3m. Another issue with L515 is its use in a multisensor setup, since these sensors might interfere with each other. You can correct this however by performing a hardware synchronization. But in general we would recommend D415.

As for SDK, in principle it can work with any sensor(s), as long as you are able to retrieve depth and color images from it. We have an SDK sample ( MultiViewReconstructionRealSense) which shows how to use RealSense sensors for the reconstruction.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

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Hi there,

Is there any support for the Astra Stereo S U3?



no, we don’t support this sensor. Please refer to the section “Sensor Support” on page RecFusion - Download to inquire about the supported sensors.

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Hi, does it works with ASTRA PRO ?

Hi Mauricio,
no we do not support this sensor, please take a look at our webpage to find a list of supported sensors.

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