Workflow - tablet - PC

I worked with the evaluation version and scanned a helmet. This is not really fun:

  • you need a long USB cable, which is mostly in the way.
  • the control on the screen is difficult
    I would like to attach the sensor to the back of a tablet and scan it, then transfer the data to a PC and continue working there:
  • is it possible to transfer the data from the tablet to the PC with a USB stick?
  • how do I have to deal with the license?

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there are several options:

  1. Record a sequence on a tablet, transfer it to the PC and perform the reconstruction and post-processing there.
  2. Do the scanning on a tablet, transfer mesh to the PC and perform post-processing there.

You can use the USB stick for transfering.
You can move the license from tablet to PC or vice versa by deactivating it first, see here in section Installation.

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