USB 3.0 problems with D415

HI! I have a problem, I don’t understand why my USB 3.0 ports don’t work with my 3 realsense D415 sensors. To understand, let me explain you :

1- It’s working at the beginning, I scan a model and when I click DONE to go back, the screen freeze, after that it’s impossible to use Recfusion , all is very slow. My first computer configuration, a DELL, intel i7, 16 RAM, RTX 3070.

2- Doesn’t work on my second computer too if I use the 3 USB 3.0 ports. But totally working if I use 2 USB 2.0 ports and 1 USB 3 port. My second computer configuration , intel i9, 64RAM, RTX 1070Ti . It’s abstract.

The problem is that I have bad performances, 10 Fps when capture in live. My question is, can I have better performances if I use another card for USB ports? If yes Which card could I use, have you a reference? You talk about a RocketU 1144C in a topic, but the product is over. I only want the best performences for 3 (maybe 4) D415 sensors. Thanks all for your futures answers :wink:

In general it is best to connect one sensor per USB-controller. You can see this when you go to the Windows Device Manager and select to view the devices by connection. Having two sensors on one controller generally also works, so perhaps you only have to connect them to different ports. You should not use USB 2 ports since this will reduce the frame rate of the sensor. A USB extension card can be an alternative. We currently don’t have a recommended one.

Hi! Thanks for your answer. I use different ports, one per sensor. May be there is not enough power from the mother card for 3 sensors :frowning: