Ubuntu install for 20.04 not installable

As workaround because the windows version crashes at startup i tried to install Ubuntu version on 20.04

First trap was that the downloadlinks where mixed up
→ label for ubuntu 20.04 downloads version for 18.04 and vice versa… took me quite a long time but ok… can happen

Second trap: the image for 20.04 has dependencies on old packages not available on 20.04

can you check this please and provide an installable deb for current Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS?

Unfortunately, as of January 2023 we have discontinued the support for Ubuntu due to the low number of users on this platform.

as january is not that far away that means there is no working deb since 1 january? no chance to get a build working with any ubuntu version?.. (little bit disappointed because 2 weeks before when purchased it was available and a reason to buy product). I hope win version we get again running…

@ladikos Does this mean there is no chance for the Ubuntu RecFusion SDK? :frowning:

Yes, unfortunately there will also be no Ubuntu RecFusion SDK.