Turntable question

Dear Olga,

we would like to build another turntable-based human scanner with 3 Intel D415 cameras using your RecFusion SDK.

I would like to ask you which turntable exactly did you use in your solution (which has been seen in RecFusion guide)? Would you be so kind as recommend a manufacturer/type?

My other question: on this forum I read in an earlier post that a new version of RecFusion SDK is coming soon, with the new functions included (e.g. re-texturing). Could we use it with our existing SDK license and approximately when?

Thank you in advance,

Hello Viktor,

we are using this model of the turntable: PIXAPRO ORBIT600

Regarding the SDK: we are currently in the process of updating it, but we cannot provide the timeline still. Your SDK license will work in the case if it was purchased within one year from the date of the update.


Dear Olga,

thank you for your answer, we look forward to try the new functions.

Best regards,