Support for custom sensor

Hello. I want to provide support for the Astra Stereo S sensor in my application, which is based on the RecFusionSDK. I am a developer, and I have the libraries for interfacing with the sensor, but currently I have not figured out how to perform this integration.

Should I develop my own “Sensor.dll”, which is specialized for handling my sensor?
If not, which steps should I take?

Thank you

You can pass the images from the sensor directly to the reconstruction’s Reconstruction::addFrame method. To retrieve the image from the sensor you can use the Orbbec Astra SDK. We provide examples with the SDK which show how this works when using RealSense sensors. The idea is the same for Orbbec and any other sensors which are not natively supported by our sensor class.

Thank you!

I’ll try using this


Most of my trouble these days has been interacting with the sensor sdk.

The problem now is that my RecFusion::Reconstruction object does not return true when the good() method is called. I am not passing the intrinsics matrices for now, i’m just initializing the parameters this way:

RecFusion::ReconstructionParams p;

RecFusion::Reconstruction* reconstruction = 0;
reconstruction = new RecFusion::Reconstruction(p);

Could this be the issue?

My bad. Just checked the examples, and I was not initializing the parameters properly. The line:

p.setImageSize(cw, ch, dw, dh);

Was missing. Now I have other problem XD, which is that the reconstruction is good, but the mesh generation returns a mesh with no vertices. Is it possibly related to the sensor?

@henriquenunez I wonder how you deal with interference? Can you tell me your email address?