Support for Astra Embedded S?

Hey there. Newbie on the scene and attempting to scan inside small spaces like animal burrows. I’m looking at the Astra Embedded S because it’s pretty small, and wondering if RecFusion supports it? Thanks so much!

To clarify, the RecFusion supported list includes: Orbbec Astra, Astra S, Astra mini, Astra mini S.

And the unsupported list says: Orbbec Astra Pro, Pro S, Persee

I’m not sure if the Astra Embedded S is just too new and hasn’t made it into the list yet, or if it is functionally the same as one of the other Astra. Has anyone tried it? Thanks!


currently we don’t support this sensor

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Thank so much for your response. It would be great if you could support for this camera! Its tiny form size makes it perfect for my application!
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