Suitable scanner for heads/busts

Hi, I’m planning to buy a new scanner as I’m currently using a Kinect v1 and a Sense 2 but they lack a bit of detail when scanning heads. I did some research and I found that the Intel Realsense D415 and D435 could match what I want (not so expensive) but I couldn’t find videos or reviews in which they use them for the purpose I want them for. So, what is your recommendation among Intel range of scanners, how they compare with each other and how much detail can they achieve when scanning heads?

If you only want to scan the head an Intel SR300 is a good choice, since it provides lots of detail for short range scanning.

The Sense 2 I own has an SR300 module, it’s by far better than the Kinect v1. I am looking for something that could provide more detail among Intel cameras.

Ich scanne schon seit Jahren mit der Xtion Pro, ist manchmal noch sehr günstig im Netz zu finden. Infos bei mir :-))