Sr300 Presets documentation


I’ve recently started using RecFusion - Single sensor with the Intel RealSense SR300.
(Actually its the Creative badged Blaster X VF8010 version but was bought from Intel with their SDK!)

Whilst experimenting with the various settings I’ve noticed these presets seem to alter the IR laser power or possibly Scan sensitivity.

  • Short-Range
  • Mid-Range
  • Long Range.

The latter two make scanning black objects easier / possible - I even managed to scan my black cat!

There are quite a few presets available and I was not able to discover any documentation for these.

I have two questions -

  1. do you have any information or documentation on the presets and what parameters they alter?
  2. Is it possible to edit or create my own presets?

Many thanks Julia

These presets are defined in the Intel RealSense library and we are only forwarding them to the UI. What low-level parameters they affect exactly is not documented. There’s no way to define own presets in RecFusion. However, if you have made some sensor settings, you can save a workspace and when you reload it they will be re-applied.

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