Segmentation, Shortcuts, Python


at first we would like to thank you for your great support. ImFusion Labels is a great software which potentially could reduce the time we spent on segmentation by more than half. The current version we are using cannot open the documentation. There are some features we would like to know more about: also could you provide us with a link to a documentation regarding these topics?

  • shortcuts (e.g. pressing ‘X’ to temporarily deactivate adaptiveness)
  • is it possible to correct only in 2D without changing neighbouring structures when working in 3d lung dataset?
  • we would like to use the built-in python feature. I had seen some link in the forum for ImFusionSuite, cannot find it anymore.

Thank you for your message.

Unfortunately I cannot reproduce the issue with the documentation. Can you tell us what exactly is happening?
As a workaround you can probably directly access the documentation within the installation folder, for instance on Windows:
C:\Program Files\ImFusion\ImFusion Labels\doc\Labels\index.html
There you will find a page with the shortcuts.

Regarding your other question on 2D editing, this is unfortunately not possible for the moment. It is however on our mid-term road map.

Thank you,

in the windows version (0.14.10) the documentation works fine already from the help menu. On Mac (M1) the documentation button does not seem to work. The shortcuts, especially for the brush are really useful.