Saving texture and access to recorded video


Would it be possible to save the texture without clicking on re-texture? Because normally when I click on re-texture, in addition to taking a long time, the texture is often messy, requiring extra work in selecting the correct frames, removing others, etc.

So, as I need to do a lot of scans, this process ends up taking a lot of time, to have a slightly better texture than that generated during the reconstruction process…Saving the default generated texture would be better in most cases.

The other question is: is it possible to access/view the video recorded during the scan? I know that I can view the video during the reconstruction process, but I want to see/check it separately (bigger and in better resolution).

As I work with full body 3d scanning, it would be nice to have recorded the scanning process for later showing to customers.



you can save the project file that will contain the keyframes which can be used for texture creation later. Also just to clarify: when the reconstruction is just finished, there is no texture created. Instead, the vertices of the mesh get the colors assigned to them. The texture gets first created only when you click the “Re-texture”.

Currently you cannot access the recorded sequence anywhere excepth from RecFusion itself.

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