Retexture in single sensor scanning

Hi, We are using licensed recfusion single sensor scanning app along with intel realsense d435 to scan humans. In the result after reconstruction the facial data were blurry so I ran retexture without changing any key frames. the result is in the link below.


The issue is the white texture that occurs in the left region of the face. the front view was perfect, we tried this in all of our scans front view is getting improved but either left or both (left and right ) sides becomes white. why this happens and how can we fix it. Kindly help us through.


From looking at the video my first guess would be that the fault of such strong texture discontinuity would be the auto white balance and color exposure. I would suggest to try to turn off auto balance and auto color exposure, so that these values would stay fixed during the scan. Also try to have a person uniformly lit from all the sides.

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Thanks you so much. your guess was right. We were able to solve the issue.

I totally agree with your thoughts on the retexture issue in single sensor scanning.