Report an error “[GL.ContextManager] Did not cleanly deinitialize ContextManager.”when i init

Hi,I have purchased the key license。
An error occurred while I was executing the following program with vis2017 DEBUG

	std::cout << "Using RecFusionSDK " << RecFusion::RecFusionSDK::majorVersion() << "." << RecFusion::RecFusionSDK::minorVersion() << std::endl;
	// Activate license
	bool ok = RecFusion::RecFusionSDK::activate("mykey"); 
	if (!ok)
		std::cout << "Invalid RecFusion license. Export will be disabled." << std::endl;


Display in the execution terminal

Using RecFusionSDK 2.2
[Core.Log] Warning: Logging not initialized, messages are printed to console only.
[] GET:
[GL.ContextManager] OpenGL: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 531.29
[GL.ContextManager] Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
[GL.ContextManager] GPU:    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti Laptop GPU/PCIe/SSE2
[GL.ContextManager] Memory: 3949 MB of 4096 MB available
[Framework] ImFusionLib built without FreeType, OpenGL font rendering support disabled
QCoreApplication::applicationFilePath: Please instantiate the QApplication object first
[Framework] Available Plugins: ImFusionRGB-D, ImFusionStream, ImFusionVision.
Rendering is currently supported for video, motion and pose frames only
**[GL.ContextManager] Did not cleanly deinitialize ContextManager.**

And An unhandled exception is displayed by vis2017 in exe_common.inl
Occurs in code blocks
if (!has_cctor)

This problem does not occur every time I debug, but sometimes it fails for dozens of times, which has affected my use experience. Please kindly provide a solution, thank you.

Hi Kevin,

Your output shows An unhandled exception is displayed by vis2017 in exe_common.inl. Please install an exception handler catching a std::exception to learn more details about the source of that.

Regarding the [GL.ContextManager] Did not cleanly deinitialize ContextManager message: before program shutdown, you must deinitialize our SDK by calling the deinit() function. The error message above indicates that you missed to do that.