Removing Black Background/Boarder in US volumes

Hi, I want to crop the unnecessary black background in my US volumes to reduce their sizes. I can manually crop it using the cropping feature in image processing, but is there an automatic feature that does that in ImFusion?

Because when I register 2 volumes with each other in the software, I kind of get what I’m looking for, and all the black background is gone and the 2 registered volumes look clean, but when I save them, they are the same size. Therefore, the effect looks visual not actually, physically removing the black background.


Hi Sewify,

The zero intensity mask that may be set in some subsequent processing steps is indeed not saved, but it just stops the pixels with value 0 from showing up in the views or being used for registration, there’s no size reduction involved here. You can always re-apply such a mask after loading again (Edit Mask → Add intensity mask).

If you get your ultrasound volumes from Sweep Compounding, please have a look at the Bounding Box parameter. There’s an option to fit the minimal volume to that there is as little emptiness surrounding your actual ultrasound data as possible.

If you want to work with an existing volume, have a look at Registration/Fit Bounding Box. It’s what the Sweep Compounding internally uses to figure out where the volume should be. You can either query it using the SDK, or have the algorithm resample the volume to the new grid (Apply on Data + resampling spacing >0).


Thank you for your response, Oliver! I applied the intensity mask, and you were right, it does generate the same result. Is there any way to crop to US volumes based on that mask?

I also tried the Registration/Fit Bounding Box method by setting the resampling space to 1 and nothing happened.

Any suggestions on the easiest way to crop the bounding box to an existing volume would be deeply appreciated.