Record Ultrasound Sweeps: DICOM

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We have enabled DICOM checkbox in Record Ultrasound Sweeps plugin because we would like to get USImage being stored in a separate DICOM file.
However it looks like tracking data are not stored anywhere when DICOM checkbox is checked. The following log is printed:

Could not save recorded data to /home/david/data/guidance/GUID-102/Patient-01/Patient-01-02-10sec.dcm

Is it expected?

What would be the options to get DICOM file generated along tracking data? Would it be a post processing of the imf file?

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Thanks for reporting this. Turns out that the images do have matrices (open the Edit Transformation algorithm and scroll through the sweep to see it), but the Ultrasound modality is lost, so the sweep is not re-created when loaded again. We’ll have a look.

Once way or the other: There doesn’t seem to exist a standard on how exactly to represent the matrices in a DICOM recording. Plus, DICOM only allows a 1:1 mapping, so tracking samples acquired with a high rate than the images would have to be interpolated / discarded.

For that reason, we recommend imf files.


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