Recfusion SDK support for orbbec femto and Femto Mega

Does Recfusion SDK support for orbbec femto and orbbec Femto Mega

Probably not, as these sensors are not mentioned on the SDK page:

Sensor Support

Intel RealSense L515 (from RecFusion 2.1 and RecFusion Pro 2.1, single sensor scanning only for now)
Azure Kinect (from RecFusion 2.0 and RecFusion Pro 2.0)
Intel RealSense D415, D435 (from RecFusion 1.7.0 and RecFusion Pro 1.3.0)
Intel RealSense D435i (from RecFusion 1.8.4 and RecFusion Pro 1.4.4)
Intel RealSense D455 (from RecFusion 2.2 and RecFusion Pro 2.2)
Intel RealSense SR305 (single sensor scanning only, from RecFusion 1.8.6 and RecFusion Pro 1.4.7)
Intel RealSense SR300 (single sensor scanning only)
Intel RealSense F200, R200, ZR300 (up to RecFusion 1.6.x and RecFusion Pro 1.2.x)
Orbbec Astra, Astra S, Astra mini, Astra mini S
PrimeSense depth sensors
Kinect v1 (Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect)
Asus Xtion Pro Live

Not supported

Orbbec Astra Pro, Pro S, Persee, Embedded S, Plus
Microsoft Kinect v2 (i.e. Microsoft Xbox One Kinect)
Asus Xtion 2

I guess, the question is will they be supported in the new SDK version (2.2.0, the latest, is quite old now)?

You probably already know this, but if the sensor is brand new, you could use Orbbec SDK to read the RGBD data and feed it directly into the RecFusion SDK for the reconstruction.

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We do not support these sensors. SDK users can use the sensor vendor SDK to obtain images and calibration information. Due to this reason we do not plan to add native support for additional sensor types to the SDK.

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