RecFusion SDK for ARM architecture

I am pretty sure that a lot of teams, here on forum, try to build a specialized 3D scanner. In some of the applications, the size of the scanner will matter. The same goes for the computer inside it. Recently, we have seen more and more powerful ARM-based minicomputers (some even with dedicated GPU not to mention the NVidia Jetson cards which can be accompanied by carrier-motherboard with ARM processor). There are also some x86_64 Intel-based minicomputers like Nevertheless, the ARM-related market is much vaster in the space of minicomputers than Intel/AMD.

Given that you use Microsoft Visual Studio for compiling the RecFusion SDK binaries (which has now arm64 build toolchains included), and that Windows IoT can now support ARM-architecture, would it be useful for the users and feasable for the RecFusion team to compile a RecFusion SDK for the ARM architecture?

I guess it might be time consuming or even impossible given a big amount of external dependencies that RecFusion SDK relates on.

Compiling the RecFusion SDK for ARM would indeed be challenging due to the involved external libraries. We currently don’t have any plans to support this.

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