Recfusion app recognizes cameras but not the Recfusion SDK

I’m using the RecFusion SDK, the ConsoleReconstruction Sample. It seems that it’s not able to detect either of the cameras I have. The RecFusion software that I have can detect and use the Azure Kinect and Realsense cameras just fine.

I’m on Windows 10 using Microsoft Visual Studio and Windows SDK 10.0.17763.132.

Any help would be appreciated thanks.

Hello John,
as you are referring to the ConsoleReconstruction sample, you are talking of our Sensor class, which only provides access to the OpenNI sensors.
As stated here at our website in the SDK section, the reconstruction is independent of a specific sensor and can be used with any other sensor API providing access to the RGBD frames. In order to use the SDK with a RealSense camera you might want to check out the RealSenseReconstructionDev example, which shows how to use our reconstruction with the RealSense API.

Best regards,

Ok I will try that out. However ConsoleReconstruction should work with Azure Kinect however as that is an openNI sensor correct?
Thank you

Hello John,
unfortunatly this is not the case, for Kinect Azure you need to stick with the Kinect Azure SDK.

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I’m sorry I’m a little confused are there no sample programs that work with the Azure Kinect? Does the Recfusion SDK not work with Azure Kinect at all?

Hey John,
as I said, the RecFusion SDK is generic w.r.t. to sensors. That means that you can use it with any sensor. But in case you are not using OpenNI sensors(Kinect Azure and the RealSense Cameras are no OpenNI sensors), it might take you a little more effort to get the data from the sensors and feed it into our Reconstruction.
That means you need to use the KinectAzure and RealSense SDKs directly and we do not provide easy access to it, like with our Sensor class for OpenNI.
In the samples it is shown how to use the RealSense SDK (RealSenseReconstructionDev ).

To finally answer both your questions, for the Kinect Azure we do not have such an example right now. But in general it works with that sensor.

Hope that clarifies it for you.

All the best,

I see thank you for the clarification I appreciate it.