RealsSense D456 with RecFusion SDK


I am curious if the Intel RealSense D456 can be used with the RecFusion SDK. Online it states that there is sensor support for the D455 model of the RealSense camera and the D456 is not listed under the supported sensors. However, after looking at the data sheets for each model (455 and 456) the only difference seems to be that the D456 has an IP65 enclosure rating. Currently I am using a D415 model with RecFusion SDK, but my project now needs to be water resistant. Has anyone tried to use D456 model of RealSense with RecFusion SDK or other RecFusion products?

You can directly use the librealsense from Intel to receive the data from the sensor and pass it to the RecFusion SDK. This way you can support any Intel RealSense sensor. Please have a look at the RealSenseReconstruction sample code that comes with the RecFusion SDK.

Thank you for the clarification!