Real-time point import with OpenIGTLink and spline import

Hi, I have been trying to register CT volume to the world coordinate system by algorithm Point Correspondences. However I cant find a way to import point coordinate in addition to clicking one point on the screen. There is same confusion while I was working on hybrid ultrasound simulation. Can I automaticly fine-tune my Spline arguments(x1,y1,z1,x2,y2,z2) by some calculation?

Many thanks in advance.
Jack Lin.

Hi Jack Lin,
I am not sure if I understand correctly what you are trying to do. Are you an SDK-User and do you want to fine-tune the coordinates programmatically or do you want to do it within the ImFusion Suite? If you use the ImFusion Suite to define the point correspondences, you can use the “Save” and “Load” buttons. Once you saved it, you should find text files with the coordinates in the same folder next to your CT volume. There you can edit and fine-tune the coordinates. Alternatively, you can generate them and load them from another program as well.
Another option to save everything to a workspace file, once you have defined the correspondences manually. The you can fine-tune the values in the section

<property name="Point Correspondences">

and rerun the workspace.
The same holds for the hybrid ultrasound simulation. If you want to specify the spline coordinates, you can set a dummy spline in the ImFusion Suite, save the workspace and edit the points in

<property name="SplineTransducer">


<property name="SplineDirection">

I do not see the connection to OpenIGTLink at the moment. Do you want to receive the coordinates for the correspondences or the spline points via an IGTLink Connection and update the computation upon data is received? If this is the case, you can only do this programmatically by writing an algorithm with our SDK.


Thank you. I am working on Imfusion Suite v3.5 and thought up a workaround method to this problem thanks to your detailed explanation.

Jack Lin.