Problems retrieving image data from PACS

I have configured Suite to retrieve data from a local orthanc server, although the list of patients and the dicom headers seem to be fetched correctly, it seems to be an error while transferring the image data package, making the application crash (version Academia 2.35.1).

(it hangs for a little in this state and the crashes)

The idea is to verify the SDK support for PACS connection looking to integrate in our application and test in a more real PACS server in hospital. Is there a consideration I should be aware of? Is every type of PACS server supported?

Here is the error log
2022-06-28 16:23:23.300 INFO [DICOM] Using pacs settings:
2022-06-28 16:23:23.300 INFO [DICOM] Server: orthanc
2022-06-28 16:23:23.300 INFO [DICOM] Client: JorgeLocal 104
2022-06-28 16:23:27.882 ERROR [Core.Platform] ***** Encountered fatal exception: Access Violation, PID 24560 *****
0# ImFusion::Platform::getLastWindowsErrorMessage in ImFusionCore
1# ImFusion::Platform::getLastWindowsErrorMessage in ImFusionCore
2# RtlDeleteAce in ntdll
3# RtlRaiseException in ntdll
4# KiUserExceptionDispatcher in ntdll
5# DcmItem::loadAllDataIntoMemory in dcmdata
6# DcmSequenceOfItems::loadAllDataIntoMemory in dcmdata
7# DcmItem::loadAllDataIntoMemory in dcmdata
8# DcmSequenceOfItems::loadAllDataIntoMemory in dcmdata
9# DcmItem::loadAllDataIntoMemory in dcmdata
10# ImFusion::Dicom::DatasetCache::`default constructor closure’ in ImFusionDicom
11# QThreadPoolPrivate::reset in Qt5Core
12# QThread::start in Qt5Core
13# BaseThreadInitThunk in KERNEL32
14# RtlUserThreadStart in ntdll

How to reproduce
Add PACS server via DICOM settings, sind a study and tick the study checkbox

Dear Jorge,

thank you for the bug report. This crash seems to be specific to the Orthanc PACS, at least we have not encountered it before with other PACS implementations.
I installed Orthanc locally on my machine and can reproduce the issue. However, since the actual crash appears to happen inside DCMTK (which is a 3rd party library) we will need some time to investigate the root cause. Internal ticket: SUITE-2924

We will get back to you once we know more.


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