Overwriting Labels

Hey everyone,
we are trying to label the skull with 3 labels:

  1. Right cheekbone
  2. Left cheekbone
  3. Remaining bones of skull.

The complete skull can be easily labeled with the treshhold, so we would like to use the brush to just “convert” parts of the label 3 into the other labels.

Is there a way to do so? As the normal brush can’t paint over the other label maps.

Thanks alot!

If I understand correctly, you need to brush over the pixels with a label 3, in order to make them 1 or 2.

This is possible by locking the background (click on the lock):
This means that none of the background pixels will be overwritten by your Label1- or Label2- brush strokes.
This mechanism can be also used in general with other label values and makes the brush tool more flexible.

Great, that brings the expected result.
Thanks for the quick answer!