Offset calibration ultrasound


With a linear Clarius probe and a tracking system, we went through the (standard) calibration wizard of Imfusion several times. At the end, the 3D rendering of the two perpendicular scans of an irregular phantom seems to be relatively good. However, when investigating this rendering further and doing tracked ultrasound sweeps, the calibrated ultrasound shows an offset in the direction perpendicular to the transducers and parallel to the imaging plane (so the “length” direction of the probe). The ultrasound images start “in” the probe instead of at the transducers. Is there a way to get rid of this offset?

Kind regards

Hi Jelle,

If there is an offset along the axis of the probe, it’s possible that you’re not adding enough rotation during the two seeps at the end of the wizard. The motion should be a “sweeping” motion, like painting with a brush.

I used a more sweeping motion, with almost no “straight” scans. However, in this case the reconstruction of the 3D phantom we are using is really not as good as what we obtained before.

Hi Jelle,

Could you send a screenshot of the images starting inside the probe in the ImFusion Suite? Furthermore, could you send us a link to access the two sweeps taken to calibrate?