Offline Reconstruction

In the user guide, it talks about an offline reconstruction process, however I cannot figure out how this works and I have seen some reviews claiming the feature has been discontinued.

Is this feature still available? If not, why was it removed?

If it is, can you clarify how it works?


the offline reconstruction is still available. Basically what it means is that instead of performing the reconstruction on the live stream, you would perform it on the recorded sequences.

So the brief pipeline is:

  1. Record the sequence (video) of the object that you would like to reconstruct
  2. Load it into RecFusion
  3. Start reconstruction

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Thank you for the clarification, Olga.

I suspected this might the case. I have a couple of follow-up questions:

  1. Should my GPU be running at a lower comparative rate during offline reconstruction?

  2. When I use the “Re-Texture” tool, my least powerful GPU is running heavily, but my powerful primary GPU is not being utilized. Is this because the task is primarily dependent on CPU processing? Or am I encountering a problem with resource allocation between my GPUs when running this task?


GPU should be occupied approximately the same during offline and live reconstruction. The difference is that during the offline reconstruction frames will not be dropped as it might happen during live because of the slow processing.

Re-texturing uses only CPU.

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