NIFTI compressed files

Hi everyone,

I’m new to the software, and I’ve been trying to segment a few CT scans using ImFusion Labels. The scans have format .nii.gz, and using Quick Segmentation I can open them and produce my labels.
When I try to do the same thing using New Project though, the NIFTI Compressed files are marked as “incompatible”. Is there a way to open and segment .nii.gz files in New Project?
I’m trying to use New Project because I would like to export the labels and then visualize them again, is there a way to do this by only using Quick Segmentation?

Thanks, best regards

Dear Michele,

In projects, there is a concept of “compatible datasets”. This allows you to make sure that you only import consistent datasets (for instance only 3D volumes or only single-channel images).
During the project creation, you need to make sure that you have selected the correct Data type.

Regarding the Quick Segmentation mode, you can always re-import a label map (provided it is compatible with the currently open dataset, i.e. has the same number of pixels and is encoded as unsigned bytes).
In order to do that, just click on the Import button and select the appropriate file in the dialog.

Perfectly clear and now everything works, thank you!
I would like to report a small possible improvement in the “Settings” screen that pops up after selecting “New Project”: in my laptop (ASUS X542U with Windows 10, ImFusion Labels version 0.13.4) the bottom part of the “Settings” screen is covered by the Windows Taskbar, which makes it annoying to press the “Accept” button. I don’t know if other users are facing the same issue, but I felt like pointing it out.
Best regards!

Could you make a screenshot?
We are using quite large monitors so maybe we did not realize that the software is not adapted to low-resolution screens.

There it is, so far I solved the issue by manually rescaling the screen.

Ok thank you for reporting the issue, we will try to find a solution!

You’re welcome, and thank you!
Best regards