NDI Tracking Plugin


I am trying to connect the NDI Polaris Vega to ImFusion Suite. I added the NDI Tracking Stream from “Import”.

I am currently adding the NDI Polaris Vega’s Ip Address to the Hardware Device value. However, I am getting this message -

I am able to track the pose of the Marker tool after generating the tool definition file (.rom) using NDI Track and NDI 6D Architect Version 3.

Would appreciate it if you could let me know why is this occurring?

Current System Configurations:

  1. Windows 10
  2. ImFusion Suite v2.41.1
  3. NDI Toolbox v5.004.015


Hi Nalin,
I already replied privately to you by email but I add my response also here so that other people can find it.
The port parameter is currently not shown in the UI and can only be configured using a workspace file.
The following is an example workspace file where the port can be specified by replacing the string “INSERT_PORT_HERE” with the port number.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<propertyfile version="1.1" name="" comment="Written by ImFusionLib, 2022-07-20 07:42:13">
	<param name="workspaceVersion">20</param>
	<property name="Datasets">
		<property name="Data">
			<param name="uid">data0</param>
			<param name="name">Polaris/Aurora Tracking Stream</param>
	<property name="Interface">
		<param name="outputUids">"data0" </param>
		<param name="inputUids"/>
	<property name="Algorithms">
		<property name="NDI Tracking">
			<param name="measurementRate">5</param>
			<param name="selectedDevice">0</param>
			<param name="startAfterInit">0</param>
			<param name="blockingInit">0</param>
			<param name="binaryQueryMode">1</param>
			<param name="hardwareDevice"></param>
			<param name="hardwarePort">INSERT_PORT_HERE</param>
			<param name="execute">1</param>
			<param name="keepControllerOpen">1</param>
			<param name="inputUids"/>
			<param name="outputUids">"data0" </param>


I tried replacing hardwarePort with COM7, which is the connection for our NDI tracker, but am wondering how to address hardwareDevice - we are using RS-232 communication (serial port) instead of IP. As of now, ImFusion cannot find our tracker. Do you have any advice on this? Thank you very much.

Edit: I was able to connect just by commenting out the hardwareDevice line and replacing ‘COM7’ with ‘7’. I still cannot see any transforms in the interface and, though I stream ‘Polaris Tracking Stream’ to an openIGT ‘Tracking Outstream’, cannot see any transforms upon reading the out stream either. Is there somewhere I can find these transforms? Thank you.