Mesh viewer not working


When I try to invoke the mesh viewer I get the following error after which the program crashes.

QPixmap: Must construct a QGuiApplication before a QPixmap

The code looks as follows:

RecFusion::Mesh mesh;
bool ok = reconstruction.getMesh(&mesh);

// Show mesh in viewer
RecFusion::MeshViewer viewer;

Greetings Niek

Hello Niek,

do you have the same issue when executing QtReconstruction sample? Are you executing your program in Debug or in Release mode?


Hi Olga,

When executing the QtReconstruction sample, the mesh viewer did not show (even tough _DEBUG was defined). I am executing the program in debug mode. Should it be useful, my Qt verion is 5.12.2.

Greetings Niek

Hi Niek,

currently we’re shipping only Release dlls with our SDK. We plan to also include Debug version in future, but for now the MeshViewer should only be used in Release. That’s why QtReconstruction sample has MeshViewer block enclosed in #ifndef _DEBUG (i.e. if NOT debug).

Best regards,

Hi Olga,

I see, thanks for the help!

Greetings Niek