Maximum number of scanners for multi-sensor scanning?


What are the maximum number of scanners I can connect using multi-sensor scanning? I’m mostly interested in kinect 360 scanners. I would ideally like to do a full body scan in one shot without using a turntable.

On the software there is no limit. From the hardware side it boils down to a USB bandwidth issue and you have to check how many dedicated USB controllers you have in your system. I cannot give you a fixed number for this. For the Kinect 360 you also need to consider that every sensor needs a dedicated USB controller and the sensor also interfere when multiple sensors are observing the same part of the scene. This leads to holes in the depth maps and loss of accuracy. For multisensor-scanning the RealSense is a better choice.

One last point is that doing one shot captures is not supported by the RecFusion software. There needs to be movement either of the sensor or of the person. With the RecFusion SDK you can in principle also stitch single shots, but this relies on having a very good initial calibration of the system.