Low resolution reconstruction

Trying to scan small objects. I get a good scan but the resolution is poor.
I am new to RecFusion, wondered whether evaluation version is limiting the reconstructed model in the view screen. I thought maybe after I cropped out the other objects on the platform that I don’t want in the end model the software might be able to reconstruct a more detailed final model?

There is a “Continue reconstruction” button at the bottom of the tools sidebar, but it does not do anything in the Evaluation version, and the online User Guide does not even mention it.

Is the initial reconstruction from the scan as high of resolution as it will get?
Do the number of voxels define how fine resolution the end model is?

RecFusion 1.8.6, evaluation mode
Intel RealSense 415
high speed USB data cable
scanning at 1280x720 30fps
using Custom configuration


the evaluation version does not have any limitations on the resolution of the reconstructed mesh. “Continue reconstruction”, however is disabled in the evaluation mode. In the licensed version it enables you to continue the reconstruction from the place where you stopped, it doesn’t influence the resolution of the scanned object.

In order to increase the resolution of the final model, you need to make the reconstruction volume as small as possible (so that it would contain only the object that you are scanning), and you need to increase the number of voxels - the higher the number of voxels is, the finer your final resolution will be. There is no way to increase the level of detail in the scanned object after the reconstruction has finished.

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Thank you Olga.

When I try to increase the voxels I can scan with 640, but anything higher Recfusion errors saying something like “not enough memory”. I think it was in reference to video card memory. I have a video card that has a NVidia Geforce GTX 1050 Ti chipset with 4 gigabyte memory. The computer system has 32 gigabyte of RAM. In order to get the maximum number of voxels in Recfusion (I think the slide goes up to 768), how much video memory is needed? or if it is system RAM I am lacking, how much RAM is needed to get the most voxels?

Is there configuration option to define a higher number of voxels than what the slide has as a maximum?


this error refers to the GPU memory. For that number of voxels you would need to have more than 6GB of memory. Currently the program doesn’t support more than 768 voxels.

Please note that if you are scanning a small object, it might not be beneficial to have many voxels. In general it doesn’t make sense to setup volume such that the resolution is below 1-2 mm, because all the sensors that we support don’t provide such high accuracy. As a result, instead of higher level of detail you might get more noise visible in the reconstruction.

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