Labels loss in project after program upgrade

I lost all labels in the project after the program upgrade from version 0.16 to 0.19.
I had to do this upgrade because of the export problem.
In the project folder, a new file occurred: project_ver_16_backup. Unfortunately, I can not open it.
I also tried to open it with version 0.16 of labels, but it did not worked.
What should I do to retrieve the labels?


Do you have a labels subdirectory in your project folder? Does it contain files?

You can revert to version 0.16 by using the file project_ver_16_backup: you just need to replace project.xml with this file, and you should be able to reopen it using version 0.16.

Ok, I will try. I have academic package license. From where can I download the older version of imfusion suite so I could have the imfusion labels 0.16?
Will it be possible to transfer those labels into the latest project without export (there is a problem with export in version 0.16)?

Hi, and sorry about the data loss in your project. Right now I do no have enough information to identify what went wrong, but chances are that the data is not lost.
Could you please send me your email via private message so that we can setup a call and then try to troubleshoot this directly?

I’ve managed to restore it by copy-paste bounding box files into a folder in the new project.