Labelling Spine MRIs

I’m trying to label the vertebrae in Spine MRIs and I’m currently using the brush on ImFusion Labels because I find it works better than the interactive segmentation for my images. But I was wondering if there is a faster more automated way to do this?
I also have a question about the ImFusion library for importing and using in code, is there a manual for it where I can read what its features are?

Thank you!

Dear Pardiss,

1- There is no automatic and built-in way to do spine segmentation in MR images.
Since there is no single workflow that would fit any kind of segmentation in any modality, we recommend to try the different tools and tune their parameters. For instance you can adjust the size, the adaptiveness as well as the smoothing of the brush. Also keep in mind that the brush takes into account the current window/level (contrast/brightness) of the image, so you can also try to adjust that to maximize the visibility of your target structure.
On top of that, the next version of Labels will include a real-time rendering of the brush stencil, which makes the process nicer and easier to control.

You can also speed up the annotation process if you already have an algorithm in Python (for instance a machine learning model) that you can run via the Run Script action - see documentation shipped with Labels.

2- I am not sure to understand what you are asking: do you want to use ImFusion algorithms in your code, or the other way around? Can you give us more details on what you want to do?


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