Label multiple organs using interactive segmentation


I am trying to label multiple organs for a 3D abdominal CT dataset using the interactive segmentation function. However, I didn’t find a good way that allow me to do this with multiple runs, i.e., I want to save the intermediate work as check point by clicking “accept results” in the interactive segmentation module and resume later, but somehow when I click “accept results” I cannot save the background seeds together.

The current situation is, when I try to interactively label my next organ, I need to explicitly paint the background seeds for the previously labeled organ again. Is there any solution to this problem?




Right now this is unfortunately not possible.
However, we are currently revamping the whole interactive segmentation algorithm to make it more powerful and user-friendly.
We hope to release the new version in the upcoming weeks.

Sure, looking forward to it!

Hey, follow-up: We’ve released a new version of our software where this feature is now available. Also have a look at our new product - ImFusion Labels.

Thanks! I’ve sent a private email about some license issues.

See the announcements page on what happens on license upgrade.