Intel D405 with Recfusion

The Intel D405 Realsense has just been released to the market. Is there any plan to add that to the supported camera list? I talked to Intel and they mentioned the back end of this new camera is similar to D435 but since the product ID doesn’t match to D435, I can’t use D435 in Recfusion while the D405 is plugged. Is there any workaround for this that I can use Recfusion with D405 before a new software release comes out?


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Hello Mohammad,

we’ve ordered this sensor and we will try to integrate it as soon as we receive it. I don’t think that there is a way to make it work without the new release.

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Hi Olga,
Thank you for placing this in your plan. Do you have an estimate on when a new version would be released?

Hi Mohammad,

unfortunately, we cannot give an estimate yet.

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Hello. Do you have any news about this new release that will support the D405?

We are planning to make a new release till the end of the year

Hello @gavranovic, do you have any news about the D405 camera?