Improvements possible ? ( d415-MedionNB-..)

Beginners question
Does it make sense to work further with this notebook to get better scanning results ? (30s for 360 ")
Any recfusion setups available to improve my scanning result ?

I want to scan an apple which lies on a turnable plate . The speed of the turnable plate is very slow
The distance from d415 scanner to the turnable plate is 1m . 1m is the distance where the apple appears green in your software

The reconstruction shows me only the 1/2 of the apple ( the start position) the other half is missing
Means: the apple is not completely built up during the scan

Recontruction Parameter never greater than
Video FPS 15
Rec FPS 6-7

Notebook CPU max 100 % always
GPU 0 - 17%
GPU 1 - 61%

Notebook Medion i5-620U 2.3 Ghz + 16 gb Ram
Grafic-card Nvidia GTX 950 M
Windows 10

Scanner Realsense d415

Recfusion Test Version 2.1.0

Recfusion Parameter
Width 10
Heigh 20
Depth 20

Voxel 64

stream settings
depth 1280720 3 fps
colour 1280
720 RGB24 30fps

Emitter - disabled
Post processing none

Any Idea to improve my apple ?


Hello Curieux,

in general apple is not a good object for 3d scanning because it is round and symmetrical, the algorithm therefore does not have enough of geometry variation to work with. To work around this problem, you can place another object next to the apple, scan both, and then just crop out this second object.

The distance of 1 m is too far in this case. Try to bring the sensor around 30-40 cm to the scanned object. In order the object to appear green in the software, you need to setup the reconstruction volume in such a way that the apple is inside of it (there are controls for setting up the translation and orientation of this box).

Best regards,

Hi Olga
I did what you told me. I changed the scanning OBJ and minimized the distance to the OBJ.
Can you pls have a look at the video and give me some hints ?
Video format is not allowed , any ftp server available ?

( is the speed of the turnable plate too fast , Realsense d415 is not suitable for smaller OBJ ?)

Hello Alfred,

I’ve checked the videos that you sent us. The reason why the reconstruction is not working properly is because the reconstruction volume includes both the rotating and non-rotating parts. So you just need to move the volume a bit up so that it doesn’t contain the immovable parts.

Here is an approximate sketch

I crossed out the areas that cause the problem and drew in the color view (just for demonstration) how approximately the bounding box should be set up.

So to conclude, the reconstruction volume should contain only the rotating part.

Let me know if I can further assist you.

Best reagrds,