Importing label maps

Hi, I am trying to import label maps done on another machine to a specific frame on a video, however whenever I try this it imports to frame ‘1’ automatically. Is there any way to load the map to the frame number I need?

Also, when exporting .nii label maps, if you are to import them, they are done so in a completely different orientation; is there any reason for this?

Hi Oscar,
to be able to help you, could you please share with me how you export data/labelmaps and then import it back into ImFusion Labels?

Sure - thanks:

I umport by selecting the ‘-labels’ file on the selected video, by scrolling to the correct frame and using the ‘import’ function from the dropdown.

I use the above settings to export

Hi Oscar,
please try deselecting the “Export only labelled images of multi-image datasets” and (optionally, depends on your preference) the “Split multi-image datasets in separate files” checkboxes, as shown in the attached image. Then you can import only the “*-labels.nii” file and the annotation should be at the right place.
Best Regards