Import Problem: incomplete labeling

Hi everyone,

this is the first time I use ImFusion.

I wanted to import the original CT and overlay it with the corresponding pathology labels. After importing both data, I have the problem, that just some slides are overlayed and not the whole CT.

how kann I overlay the whole CT?

Dear Verena,

How was the label map originally created exactly?
Can you maybe share the dataset with us (both the image and the label map), for instance via private message?

Hello! Thanks for answering!

they were nii.gz files. unfortunately I’m not allowed to share. I don’t think it has to do with the files, because if I don’t overlay them and just have a look at each file by itself, I see the whole mask and not just pieces like in the picture. Also if my colleagues open it on their notebook it is presented right. I use a mac, MacOS Catalina 10.15.7, maybe it has something to do with this?

So if I understand correctly, the label map is showing properly in our Labels software on another platform, but not on your computer with MacOS. Is that correct?
Are you using the very same version of out software on both computers?
Also, were those .nii.gz files generated from our software itself or do they come from another source?

yes. It works with the same labels version and same data on an windows computer. so I thought it is maybe because auf the mac software or I have to change some predefined settings in the software. the data was imported in imfusion labels as dicoms and then we exported it as nifti.

Unfortunately we are not able to reproduce this issue.
Can you try to open the same file in the ImFusion Suite software? Do you have the same problem?

In ImFusion Suite it works without problems.