Import data from http server


Is there a way to import data from a http server ?
In the datalist mode of importation, I tried 2 different approaches

  • query on a txt file that would be on a http server directly in the box “Select a File”, but it seems that it is only possible to access a txt file using the FileSystem browser
  • put the path to a nifti data on the server, the path starts with http:// directly in the text file, but the double slash “//” is then interpreted as a single slash “/” in the importation tool

Is there another way that I did not tried, or is it simply not possible yet ?

Thanks for your help


Hi Lucile. At the moment this is not supported, but it should not be too difficult to add this functionality and support loading data from a server.
The trickier part would be how to add the data to the project in the first place. I would suggest for that the “Data List” Import functionality: in a text file you would specify all the http urls you want to import, one by line.

Would this cover your usecase?

Hi Olivier,

Thanks for your response.
Indeed, this solution would be very helpful ! I would like to import DICOM data, and I never tried the Data List for other than nifti files. In that case, should I put the list of urls path for the each DICOM directory containing the volumes (it will be 3D volumes, with one .dcm file per slice in each directory) ?


Mh for Dicom data it might actually be more difficult, since it is split across multiple files and so we would have to do multiple http requests (potentially thousands), each of which could potentially fail.
If you have control over how the data is stored, I would recommend either wrapping it into an archive format (such as .gz) which would then be unwrapped on the client side, OR converting the data from dicom to a single-file format, such as mha, nifti or even of the imf format.