imFusion clarius interface

I integrated clarius app with imFusion but scanning stream is not coming in the imfusion screen only coming in the clarius app , what should I do to fix the issue.

note: The ip address and port are correct.

Did you connect your pc to clarius’s probe network?

no, I know the wifi name but I could not see wifi password, how can I can see the wifi password?

Probe networks are typically prefixed with “DIRECT-”, and the password is available for 60 seconds on the mobile device clipboard once the Clarius App has connected.

yes I got the password and connected to pc still facing the same issue , still only streaming in clarius app not in the ImFusion software.

could you share a screenshot?

Aha, this means your Clarius software version is different from the Clarius Plugin version in ImFusion. For example, the plugin supports Clarius v9.3, but your is v10.3.

I installed the specific version of clarius (v9,3.1) still facing the same issue not streaming imFusion , and not even use clarius app also , the app itself indicating please use a newer version of clarius app.

have a look at my imFusion suite name on the top of the screenshot image of imFusion ,
name like "imFusion suite for HTIC - not far clinical use " it ok with that name ?

Yeah, this is the problem. It’s impossible to downgrade your Clarius hardware from 10.3 to 9.30. But currently, the ImFusion plugin doesnot support Clarius v10.3.

I dont know your software version, since I am using academic, which has the same problem as yours.

Just announcing it here on this thread, so that others will see it:

  • We now have ImFusion 3.0 installers with Clarius Cast v10.3 support available. The installers for customers in academia are available in the academic section of this forum. Commercial customers should get in contact with us.
  • Because of incompatible ways to setup OpenGL contexts, our Clarius plugin currently only works reliably on Windows. For other operating systems, we have developed and open-sourced a standalone executable with an OpenIGTLink interface, see here.
  • There’s in general no trivial solution for end-users of ImFusion software to upgrade to new Cast versions, so we recommend that customers do not update their Clarius app on their mobile devices until we have integrated newer library versions into our installers.
  • We currently cannot offer Clarius Solum integrations at all, but this will hopefully change in the near future.


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