Image Export failure


I wanted to export my project on a flashdrive, just like I did many times before. The Image Format is NIFTI Compressed, intensity mapping is applied, only two labels (“Background” encoded with the value 0 and “Lung” encoded with the value 1) are supposed to be exported. Nothing else was changed within the automatically applied export settings. Whenever I now try to export, a window pops up after some time of loading saying “0 datasets have been exported. 28 datasets could not be exported due to unexpected errors.” Additionally a file named “export_options.xml” is created in the Output folder, if you want I can copy the content.
The version I’m using is SDK Version 2.25.1 on Windows which is not the newest one. However a colleague of mine is using the newest version (on Windows as well) and currently facing the same issue.
Thanks for your time!


Hi Matthias,

I tried with 2.25.1 but I cannot seem to reproduce the bug. Would it be possible for you to share with me a sample image privately? The export_options.xml file would also be helpful.