I encounter a question about Mesh.save

Hello,the developers:
Rec_state = false;
if (m_rec->getMesh(&m_mesh))
std::cout << “get file sucess” << std::endl;
delete m_rec;
m_rec = 0;
std::string filename = GetSystemTime() + “.ply”;
if (m_mesh.save(filename.c_str(), RecFusion::Mesh::PLY)) {
std::cout << “save sucess” << std::endl;

My code is like that.It works before,but now i get “get file sucess” always,but cant get “save sucess”。I want to konw why my m_rec->getMesh(&m_mesh) it works but m_mesh.save(filename.c_str(), RecFusion::Mesh::PLY) is falied please tell me the solution or thr possible reason.My statement may not be very accurate, but I hope to get your reply。

I found it maybe becasue i change my computer to use the some SDK.how could i disable use my key on the old computer and make it work on my new work computer?thanks

Open your web brower and run this API call:


Where LICENCE_KEY is the key you would like to deactivate, and the TOKEN is a machine token of the old machine (you can obtain it using this RecFusionSDK::token() function).