How to use optimizer settings in 3D reconstruction


I am trying to study the performance of the different algorithms to register two volumes depending on the initial position of the moving volume. My idea is to modify the coordinates of the moving volume and see how it affects the cost function value. I can see that that there is a “Random Study” option in the “Show Optimizer Settings” inside “Image Registration Settings” that could make something similar to what I am looking for (attached image), however, I don’t complete understand the input parameters. What do you mean with “range”? And how can I get the initial coordinate systems before the registration process starts?

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Dear Alba,

my apologies for the extreme delay. I hope I can still help you in case you have not found the answers to your questions yet.

The range refers to the randomization. E.g. a range of 10 would mean that the displacement would be in the range of [-10; 10] so every chosen parameter would then be set to Param - X where X \in [-10;10].

To see the concrete variation. In the section “Browse Results” to the option “Plot” where the default option is “Final Cost Function”. There you can choose a starting parameter e.g. “Start translation Z”. The first option is plotted on the X axis of the rendered plot (it shows up after running the random study), while the second is the Y coordinate. So, you can choose as the Y coordinate the cost function.