How to Perform Ultrasound Simulation from CT DICOM Files?

Hello everyone,

I am currently using the ImFusion 3D Ultrasound Suite - Demo version, and I am trying to simulate ultrasound sweeps based on CT DICOM files. I have successfully loaded the CT images into the software, placed the Center Spline and Direction Spline in the Coronal plane (blue plane), and kept all other settings as default. However, after clicking “Simulate Sweep,” I encountered the following issues:

  1. As shown in the figure, the generated ultrasound image consists of only one frame, while I expected 100 frames. Additionally, this ultrasound image cannot be edited or exported. When I right-click on this ultrasound object, the ultrasound image in the upper left corner disappears.
  2. Regardless of how I set the Sweep Trajectory, the generated ultrasound image is always a slice parallel to the Axial plane and cannot be changed.

As shown in the figure, I placed the trajectory in the Coronal plane (blue plane), but the generated sweep is clearly still a slice in the Axial plane, and there is only one frame. Clicking the play button in the Selection bar does not change the image.

I am unsure where the problem lies, and I have not been able to find any reference documentation. Could someone please guide me on how to correctly use this feature to obtain an ultrasound sweep from CT images?

Hello miixnon,

Thanks for reporting the bug that causes the simulation result to be empty, which we can replicate on our end. We will update the demo version to include a fix in the next days. I will notify you once it is available!

The export functionality is disabled in the Demo versions, which is why the entries in the “Export” menu are greyed-out (as in your first screenshot).

Hello goebel,

Thank you for your prompt response and for addressing the bug. I look forward to the updated demo version.

Dear Rüdiger Göbl,

I hope this email finds you well.

I wanted to kindly check in on the progress of the bug fix for the simulation result issue. Is there any update on when the demo version might be available?

Thank you so much for your help.

Thank you for your patience!

The new version of the demo will soon be available through the webshop, but you can already find the installers here:

US-Demo ImFusionSuite 3.8.1 - Windows

US-Demo ImFusionSuite 3.8.1 - Ubuntu 20.04

US-Demo ImFusionSuite 3.8.1 - Ubuntu 22.04

US-Demo ImFusionSuite 3.8.1 - Ubuntu 24.04

Dear Rüdiger Göbl,

Thank you for the update and the new demo version. I am pleased to inform you that the previously reported issues have been resolved, and everything is working smoothly.

However, I noticed that I am still unable to export the results as 2D image sets. Could you please let me know if it is possible to enable this functionality in the demo version?

Thank you once again for your assistance!

That is correct. I am afraid the export functionality cannot be enabled in the demo versions.

If you wish to asses the suitability of an export for your purposes (i.e. loading the export into another software in your workflow), I would be happy to export a simulation and the corresponding CT for you. If that would be helpful, please let me know the format(s) you would like to evaluate.