Hotkeys for better control


when using my intel D415 and laptop as a field kit, it would make a lot of sense to have hotkeys. Holding the sensor in one hand, it’s really difficult to click on the button to stop the scan. Is it possible to map the button to a hot key?


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Hello Ivan,

currently we don’t have such functionality. But we will consider it for our future versions.
Thank you for your feedback!

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I agree with Ivan, hot keys would be brilliant. I too want to scan in the field and be able to press F2 the start, and F3 (for example) to finish a scan would be really helpful.


I have made for myself a small app to use RecFusion with short-keys (F1,F2,F3 and F4) .
Maby untill RecFusion has its own shortcuts in a new version, you can use mine app to.
After pressing a shortcut my app will do a mousepress on the X and Y that you have setup.


You can download it for free at :

Me myself use it with a tiny keyboard that i can stick on my cam so i dont even have to walk to my pc when i am scanning.