Faster way to change the window and shortcut for opacity?


first of all thank you for the great product ImFusion Labels, which makes segmentation much faster as it was previously.

  • Is there any faster way to change the window than clicking on the button on the left upper corner and then adjusting it by hand? It would be a big help since it would make the work flow even more efficient.
  • The same would also be true for a shortcut to adjust the opacity of labels. I already checked the “index-file”, which includes a bunch of shortcuts, but i could not find a solution for my questions.

Best regards

Dear Manuel,

Thank you for your nice feedback :slight_smile:

You can adjust the window/level by holding the Shift key pressed down, and moving your mouse (left/right for the level, up/down for the window).
As for the labels opacity, there will be a shortcut to toggle their visibility in the next version of the software.

We will add both shortcuts to the list already present in the documentation.

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Thank you for the fast answer!