FAQ License Issues

Regularly, users write us that their license key doesn’t work (anymore) or a particular module isn’t licensed. So, please acknowledge the following:

  1. What does a license contain?
    An ImFusion license includes:

    • Licence key, of the form XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX
    • Validity period (used for trial versions)
    • Upgrade period (non-subscription licenses usually allow upgrades for 1 year)
    • Number of allowed activations
    • List of licensed modules / plugins

    All of these pieces of information are stored on our license server. When customers enter a license key, the software contacts our licensing server and verifies the license is valid.

  2. Do I need an internet connection?
    Yes, you need an active internet connection on start-up for our software to reach our licensing server.

  3. What is an activation?
    Licenses are workstation-bound. Whenever you use a license key, it is saved on the computer you installed our software on and marked as used on our license server. We call this “activation”. When you have exceeded the number of activations for a given license key, the software will reject it.

  4. Can I remove the activation of a computer myself and use the ImFusion software on a different one?
    Not yet. This often requested feature is on our to-do list and will be implemented. Until then, please get in touch with us.

  5. What happens if I run out of activations?
    You need to purchase additional licenses. Please contact us.

  6. A module is not licensed and thus does not work. What should I do?
    The license you purchased needs to be upgraded. Please get in touch with us for an offer.

  7. I purchased an license upgrade and installed a new installer, but I still get the error message that a module is not licensed.
    If you upgrade your license to include a new module/plugin, and already have a license key installed on your system, you need to restart the ImFusion Suite twice so that the updated license information is 1) pulled from our license server, and 2) correctly taken into account at start-up. The reason for this is that when the application is already running, an updated license will not trigger formerly unlicensed plugins to be reloaded again.

  8. I received a new installer from the ImFusion team and installed it. Now my existing license doesn’t work anymore. What is the problem?
    Probably you went beyond the upgrade period (usually one year after you installed it the first time). Since you are apparently working with someone from the team, let him/her know that the license needs to be fixed as well.