Evaluation Code Re-texture seems to hang

I am using the RecFusion evaluation code to decide whether to purchase a license. The scanning process with an Intel D415 runs fine on my new laptop and the final result with 0.5 mm voxels looks good but I understand that the Re-texturing option can greatly improve the initial texture result. The problem is that if I choose this option the evaluation code seems to hang (for hours). I wonder if this option is available in the evaluation version? I would like to see the result of this process before I purchase a license.

My laptop is an HP Pavilion with an Intel i7 (10th gen) CPU, 16GB ram and a 512 GB SSD.


that’s expected that texturing takes very long for high resolution meshes. For texturing we recommend to use a coarser mesh. Try decimating your mesh and then running the re-texturing, this should speed up the process significantly.

In general, resolution of 0.5 mm doesn’t make much sense, since the consumer sensors which are compatible with RecFusion don’t deliver such precision of the depth data, so instead of reconstructing the details you will rather be reconstructing noise. So we would not recommend going below 1-1.5 mm per voxel.

Evaluation version of the software is exactly the same as the full version. Only the export of models is disabled.