Empty reconstruction

Hello, I’m trying to do a reconstruction with a custom sensor. I have already managed to interface the sensor, and copy the color/depth matrices into the recfusion instances. I followed the RealSense sample.

But when i call the method getMesh() from the RecFusion::Reconstruction class, the output on the terminal is:

Saving reconstruction
Mesh: 0 triangles, 0 vertices
MarchingCubes: 559.605 ms

And the generated .ply file is empty. Could someone help me?

I really need help here…

So, it’s worth mentioning that i’m not doing the following step in my code:


I suppose the reconstruction should work without it right? It just won’t map the colors correctly, right? What are these “intrinsics” exactly? I have experience as a programmer, but not on 3D reconstruction.

Thank you =)


this would pose a problem. You need to set up the intrinsics of the camera. Intrinsics defines the matrix which contains information about the focal length and the principal point. Depending on the camera you use, you might be able to get this information from the camera itself. For example, see a RealSenseReconstruction sample, where we query the intrinsics of RealSense camera.

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Turns out that the camera does not provide it for me… They said i must calibrate it myself.

Is there anything else that could be preventing the program from working correctly?

Without the intrinsics the reconstruction will not work correctly. You can calibrate your camera using OpenCV. See here OpenCV: Camera Calibration.

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Thank you so so so so much for this information.

The SDK now is generating a mesh (color is gone for now, but wow, many advances).

I still need to get the intrinsic parameters for the RGB camera, and i think I’ll conclude this part of my project doing that.

Hello. I’m back.

I am able to generate the mesh with the sensor and the SDK, but the color is constant within the mesh. I print the colors on the console, and I see some variation, but when I view the mesh on Meshlab, the color is not good.

Could you help me?


in which format are you saving the mesh? If it’s STL, it doesn’t support colors. Otherwise, could you please send us the file, so that we can analyze it?

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