Empty project.xml file


I can’t open my project anymore. I think the problem is, that somehow the project.xml file is empty now. Do you have any idea how I can fix this or why it happened? The project is just one week old, so I haven’t made a backup so far.

I’m sorry that this happened to you, and I’m afraid that there is no easy fix.
The project.xml file contains all the metadata of your project, such as which datasets have been imported and their location, their tags as well as an ID.
However, it does not contain the label data itself, these are saved in individual files in the labels/ folder, which means that they should not be lost at least.

Depending on how you imported the datasets into the project (by making a copy or not), it would more or less easy to re-create the links between data and labelmap.
If you’ve selected the “Copy datasets to project” option during import, then each label map file in the labels/ folder should have a corresponding dataset file in the data/ folder.
However, if you selected “Link to original location”, it will be more difficult to re-do the association between data and label maps. If you have access to the ImFusion Suite (the demo version is enough) you should be able to open the original data and the label maps side-by-side and match them, but this will be a manual process.

I can only try to guess why this happened so I cannot promise that we can fix it, although we’ve never experienced this to my knowledge. As a safety measure, we will implement atomic saving of the project.xml file.

Thanks for your quick answer! I already thought that nothing could be done. I did the “Copy datasets to project”. But the names (in labels/ folder or data/ folder) are different to the names I gave them in my project and so I’m not able to connect the saved names with my patient IDs…But nevertheless thank you for your detailed answer!

What you could also try is to recreate a project with the same datasets.
The images will have a different ID (because it is random) but the internal files should have the same size as before.
This could give you a way, although manual, to re-import the corresponding label maps in the new project.