Download link for latest academic installer

I cannot find the latest academic installer in the forum. I already have a license key from my research institution that I can use for it. Can anyone please help find the links to it?

I was given the following link but I cannot seem to access it or perhaps it is moved/deleted?

I will be using this on an Mac OSX 12.2.1 machine

Thank you!!


Hi Sebastian,

I have granted you access to the link, please try again and let us know if you still have an issue.

Hi Raphael,
It works now!
Thank you

  • Sebastian

Hello! I also have the same problem with the link from my research institute.

Could you please also grant me the access?
I would appreciate your help


Hi Kuan-Yu,
You should have access to the page now.

Hi Raphael!
I can now see the page. Thank you!!

I can’t find the access link anywhere. Can someone please provide me with one.

Hi Stefan,
We could not verify your eligibility. Please register on the forum with your institution name and email address.