DICOM export problem

I have a problem with dicom export.
When I export the image with labels, after loading them to see the results I get an error with the wrong path. No matter from where I import the data and where to I export them. The only thing that helps is changing the data path manually. How to deal with that? Can I work on external disc or do I need to work on the computer disc? What export options should be chosen?
I attach the link to a video.

I managed to solve it by myself.

Hello Maria,

It is not clear what you are trying to achieve by exporting the data, and then importing it again into ImFusion Labels. Is it to check the contents of the resulting file? I believe you have an academic license, the ImFusion Suite should be more suited for this.
In any case it is not expected that the data fails to load after being exported. This is not something I can reproduce with any data, so it is possible that it is caused by the image itself. Would you be able to share the data with us?

I cannot share the data.
After labeling the data by the radiologist, we needed to load it into ImFusion Suite in order to align the sequences, that is when the problem occurred. Loading data into the same project is only to show the problem.

Ok, I understand. How were you able to solve / work around the problem?

I tried to do it on the updated version of the ImFusion Labels and it worked without error. So I hope that when we update it on the other computer it will also work :slight_smile:

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